Annual report


Annual report 2021

A word from our President

When the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund adopted an ambitious sponsorship plan in support of about twenty solidarity projects for Marseille and Africa in December 2019, nobody would have thought that our philanthropic enthusiasm would be upset by a global health crisis just a few months later.

Upset indeed, but not shattered, far from it. However, the crisis did force us to adapt our response to the urgent needs that emerged as a result of the pandemic. We decided to provide priority support to local initiatives with a direct social impact on the people of Marseille who were hit the hardest by the first lockdown, for example through a major new partnership with Banque Alimentaire 13, or by supporting the food supply association Pain et Partage via Fondation de Marseille.

The Endowment Fund has kept the same level of commitment at the international level, redesigning projects previously envisaged with our partners, such as GRET, in order to distribute food and hygiene kits in Senegal.

Whether locally or abroad, yesterday’s needs have been aggravated by the today’s health crisis, that has taken on the dimensions of an economic and social crisis, not to mention the impact on access to culture. Just like the rest of the sector, our partners from La Criée Théâtre National de Marseille, Friche la Belle de Mai, and Versant Sud, have suffered a lot, and we stand by them.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Compagnie Fruitière and its leadership. Their family values, solidarity and humanity are the bedrock of the Endowment Fund’s commitment.

Marie-Pierre FABRE, President