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Compagnie Fruitière supports the “Active Ageing and Active Local Citizenship” programme, designed to fight against the exclusion of the elderly. Carried out by Fondation de France, the programme aims at promoting the autonomy and social integration of the elderly in their communities, by enhancing family solidarity and good neighbourhood.

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An increasing number of elderly people wish to stay active in the life of their neighbourhood or village as long as possible. However, while they are ready to contribute to community development, they are often faced with a society that stigmatises their age, instead of relying on their experience and know-how. The overall representation of senior citizens in society is ambiguous: whereas their experience is known and respected in certain areas, it is considered obsolete in others, notably as a result of rapid technological change. Thus, ageing is associated with declining capabilities and high costs for society

The French “Law on Adapting Society to Population Ageing” aims at improving quality of life and preventing the loss of autonomy. In order for these intentions to become a reality, it is vital to involve the elderly in finding adequate responses to their expectations and needs, especially the most vulnerable among them, who are often invisible, and whose voices are inaudible. Professionals and family members have an important role to play in this initiative based on listening, openness and inclusion. Institutions housing elderly people are increasingly open to this approach, stepping up their participation in dynamic, local processes.

Fondation de France encourages this overture to fight against isolation and the neglect of the elderly. The programme “Active Ageing and Active Local Citizenship” supports projects in favour of enhancing sustainable links between the elderly and their surrounding communities, improving their participation in active citizenship at the local level, and highlighting their competencies.

For more information : The programme “Active Ageing and Active Local Citizenship”

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