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As a result of its particular interest in African health issues, the Compagnie Fruitière Fund has entered into a cooperation with the Raoul Follereau Foundation in 2019, in the context of a project on participatory subsistence farming in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Project Presentation

The Malnutrition Health Centre located in the North-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo serves as a reception point for numerous families arriving from the troubled areas in the North. Upon arrival, these families do not have any means for survival: no land to cultivate, and no local work available. In general, the children of such families are malnourished and in bad health.

The health centre’s team provides treatment to restore the health of these children, who are often very young. Two consultations per month are offered, as well as weekly distribution of enriched flour for all children of a given family.

To mitigate the lack of nutrition for these families, a participatory subsistence farming project was introduced earlier this year, with a participation of about 80 women. A piece of land was rented from the neighbouring diocese, and the project is supervised and animated by an agronomist and a nutritionist. The mothers of the affected children are thus able to grow vegetables, with a long-term prospect of producing varied and balanced food.

The Raoul Follereau Foundation

The Foundation puts human beings at the heart of its projects, without regard to origin or religion, favouring sustainable actions to provide care, education and facilitate reinsertion. The Foundation combats all forms of exclusion caused by illness, poverty or ignorance. It labours for the mobilisation of a truly generous community, associating donors, partners and volunteers, for a just and more human world.

photo credit : Fondation Raoul Follereau.