Friche la Belle de Mai


In 2015, the Friche la Belle de Mai property in Marseille initiated the “Mediterranean Residency” programme, with the objective of accommodating emerging artists in Marseille. The Compagnie Fruitière Fund has decided to support the project, in order to promote the integration of Sub-Saharan Africa. In the fall of 2019, two Cameroonian artists will be housed at La Friche for a 3-month stay.

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Mediterranean Residency

The Friche la Belle de Mai property initiated the “Mediterranean Residency” programme in 2015, with the aim of accommodating artists in Marseille, in order to encourage their mobility in the Mediterranean region. During their stay at La Friche, they have access to a state-of-the-art research and creative framework, allowing them to improve their artistic practices and (re)discover the French art scene

A working space is available for them throughout their stay, as well as housing at the Friche la Belle de Mai property. Living on site allows them to meet and interact with the multiple actors of this extraordinary place, comprised of more than seventy cultural units working daily in all artistic disciplines.

During the stay, each artist is accompanied by a mentor, chosen in accordance with the artistic discipline and the project in question.

The Friche la Belle de Mai

Located at the former Seita factory, and now a place for creation and innovation, the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille is both a working space for 70 residential art venues (400 artists and producers on a daily basis), and a venue for artistic events (600 artistic events annually, from children’s workshops to large festivals).

With more than 450 000 visitors per year, the Friche la Belle de Mai is a multi-purpose public space, comprising 45 000 sqm, including playgrounds and workout areas, 5 performance and concert halls, shared gardens, a youth platform, and an 8000 sqm roof terrace.

Photographie de Caroline Dutrey