About us


The Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Foundation was established in 2012 with the aim of improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations in France and abroad. As a result of the voluntary action launched by Compagnie Fruitière in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Foundation has naturally evolved into an autonomous and independent entity, expanding its field of action to include new audiences.

We have chosen to commit to four thematic pillars: health, education, the environment, as well as cultural and artistic exchanges between Africa and Europe. In addition to the action taken in Compagnie Fruitière’s operating countries, and while affirming our commitment in favor of the countries of the Southern hemisphere, the Foundation underlines its local anchorage by supporting actors from associations on the ground in the Marseille region.

Over the course of eight years of support to the public interest sector, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Foundation has created privileged partnerships with numerous associations and NGOs, based on shared values of equity, respect, efficiency and transparency.



In Africa, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund provides support to NGOs in their fight against child malnutrition, as well as to health establishments and local scientific research projects. In Marseille, the Fund accompanies associations working for the well-being of hospitalized children.


Promoting access to education is one of the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund’s action pillars in Africa, via initiatives to support schools, such as providing school supplies or improving the learning conditions of children.


In the environmental sector, the Fund finances educational projects to raise awareness on the protection of nature, and supports associations working in the area of urban agriculture or developing innovative agro-ecological practices.


The Compagnie Fruitière Fund encourages cultural exchanges between France and Africa by financing residencies for emerging artists. Moreover, the Fund contributes to the creation of educational and artistic partnerships with several major cultural institutions in Marseille.



Marie-Pierre Fabre, President
Jérôme Fabre, Treasurer
Laurent Debroas, Secretary General


Marie-Pierre Fabre, Présidente

Marie-Pierre Fabre, President

Christelle Lasme, Chargée de projets

Christelle Lasme, Project Manager

Paul Bouzon, Chargé de communication

Paul Bouzon, Communications Officer

Gersende de Pontbriand, Advisor to the President