MP2018 Quel amour!


Five years after Marseille’s designation as European Capital of Culture, the 15 most emblematic cultural institutions of Bouches-du-Rhône met with industry representatives to conceive a new cultural event with national and international resonance.

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    Marie-Pierre Fabre

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With this partnership, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund and Compagnie Fruitière are proud to promote access to culture for all, and to contribute to the development of Marseille’s attractiveness. Within this programme, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund has chosen to support a unique and original approach: the creation of 4,500 art kits distributed to all primary schools in Bouches-du-Rhône. 115,000 children will benefit from this tailor-made educational tool, as well as the grand opening celebration of 14 February 2018 that will be dedicated to them.

Prototype of the art kit that will be distributed to schools in November 2017.

Signing of the patronage agreement on 19 September 2017, in the presence of Raymond Vidil, President of MP Culture, Marie-Pierre Fabre, President of the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund, and Jérome Fabre, Executive Chairman of Compagnie Fruitière.