Our scope of action


The Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund supports actions in France and in disadvantaged countries. Its head office is located in Marseilles, and currently focuses on helping organizations in the south of France. The aim of the Endowment Fund today is to strengthen its local presence, without that being a restricting factor. The CFEF patronage shines onto the following themes:

Access and independence related to matters of health as well as food, water, electricity and shelter

Considering that access to heath is unevenly distributed throughout the world, as well as within a same country, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund is a philanthropic tool that stands to supplement public frameworks, and does so by choosing to support targeted missions: early childhood, elderly people, disability, orphan diseases, etc.

Access to education

Access to education applies to the support of actions in disadvantaged countries, to work in favor of training or awareness programs and to handing over material resources to schools for improved working conditions. In France, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund supports youth in the face of missed opportunity or having gone though educational eviction, and youth requiring scholarships. The Endowment Fund also supports innovative educational projects.

Action in favour of the environment or the respect of the planet

The CFEF encourages any initiative in favor of the environment: reduction of pollution and waste management, biodiversity preservation, clean energy innovation, sustainable production and consumption, integrated or organic farming, recycling solution studies.

Actions in favour of artistic and cultural exchanges

The Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund supports projects committed to human, technical, cultural and artistic exchanges. The program driving this section aims at creating an exchange and support platform for projects able to redraft and disseminate, in a critical manner, cultural and artistic action frameworks, by significantly enlisting and engaging populations and audiences within their social issues.

Within a one-year period, the aim of the CFEF is to tackle at least once, each one of these concerns.


In the first instance, the president and her assistant organize an initial meeting to gain better knowledge of the organization making the request and its related activities. The activities must be consistent with the Endowment Fund’s scope of work. The recipient must be an organization carrying out philanthropic general-purpose activities that are non-for profit and non competitive.

Legal and fiscal verifications are then carried out: the organisation must be eligible to patronage and capable to provide fiscal statements when receiving donations. At this stage, the CFEF provides a patronage request file to be filled out by the applicant organisation.

Following the examination of the case, the Compagnie Fruitière Endowment Fund establishes an allocation agreement in accordance with the organization. The mission and the mission’s financing terms are stated as well as the project duration, financing terms and communications specifics.